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01/01: Stocks are a buy.                   

02/02: Stay long; and for those investors with cash, The Rite Report recommends the recent slide in the stock market presents a good entry point to add to your stock market portfolio.

03/01: Stock market to decline; go to cash.

04/01: Stocks: Go Long - Sudden downturn in negative indicators reversed and now again positive.

05/01: Stocks: Stay Long

06/01 Stocks: Stay Long

07/01 Stocks: Stay Long

08/01 Stocks: Stay Long

09/01 Stocks: Stay Long

10/01 - Stocks: Stay Long
10/09 - The RITE Report had an interim direct communication with its clients (but this was not distributed to those who receive a complimentary version) to exit the market.  End of day Dow was:16,659.25
10/20 The RITE Report did an interim direct communication only to clients (not complimentary version list) to buy back in and go long.  End of day Dow at 16,399.67

11/01 Stocks: Stay Long

​12/01 Stocks: Stay Long